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We specialise in integrating the ‘Mindful Breathe Break’ into your normal school day. A 3-minute break from technology, thinking and ‘go go go’ mode. Helping alleviate stress and anxiety, while building a daily habit of peace and calm.

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4-Day Mindful Breathing Teacher Training

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“We want to see young people come alive and thrive, this lifetime. To excel beyond limitations and expectations. To actually love their life. With connectedness to self, others and the world around them.”

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4-Week Calm Class Masterclass

For teachers / youth mentors

Support the Mental Health & Well-Being of your students now, with this 4-week Calm Class Masterclass. Once completed, you and your students will all have the knowledge, skills and experience needed to help oneself with a clearer mind and a calmer body. Filmed Live for authentic connection.

Price: $55


“We had the pleasure of Kat and Bodhi teaching our entire student body and staff their simple breathing techniques during 2018. These techniques created the stimulus and knowledge for a discussion which has ultimately made significant differences at Sandy Strait, including taking a deep breath altogether to begin all our assemblies, and more crucially, a 20-minute built in daily session in our timetable tagged “mindful moments” when teachers guide practices to assist students in reflecting, calming and breathing. Kat and Bodhi have provided plenty of follow-up services. Schools have an obligation to prioritise this for their staff and students and we were able to align their mindfulness techniques within DET’s “Wellbeing Framework”. Thank you Kat and Bodhi”.

Mark Hansen

Deputy Principal, Sandy Strait State School, QLD, Australia.

“Dear Bodhi, Sorry I missed your call the other day. The days are a little hectic. I just wanted to let you know that the project is well established now; your recording is part of our Pastoral Group session delivered through PA system – that is 15 minutes long. The breathing part is right at the end of it – for 3 minutes – just before the students transition to another class. So, I am listening everyday to yours and Kat’s beautiful voice. It is going very well- students are engaged, even staff in the admin – receptionist, and accountants stop for that time and breathe. I hope you are travelling well, and enjoying your baby period. Thank you Kat & Bodhi. Kindest”.

Jana Aksamitova

Guidance Counsellor, St Mary’s Catholic College, QLD, Australia.

“Hey, you guys came to Kensington Community High School Monday the 20th June. I just wanted to say thank you so much for teaching us this, this has helped me since Monday because I've been going through depression and other stuff, but the breathing technique has helped me not self harm, crawl into a ball and cry and actually not stay awake all night as well. I wish I knew about this sooner. Thank you so much Kat & Bodhi.”


Year 10 Student, Kensington Community High School, VIC, Australia.

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