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Bodhi Whitaker

They used to tell me to stop talking, and now they pay me to speak.
They used to tell me to get a trade or a degree,
and now they pay me for the job I created for myself.
They used to tell me to try harder,
and now they pay me to teach them how to relax.
They used to tell me I needed a plan B, and they’re still living theirs.

Bodhi has the ability to relate to people of all ages, backgrounds, colours, religions. He understands the humanness in everyone.

I love to communicate in a way that makes people question how they are operating in their own inner world and the world around them.

There is nowhere to hide.
Up on stage brings truth and nakedness.
Dreams are sparked to life.
While fears are shattered. Dead. Left behind.
There is a deep knowing that sits inside.
All of us. Bar none.
A knowing, of how powerful we truly are.

I wasn’t born this way, as a natural speaker.
I didn’t have that confidence like some of my friends growing up.
I am not qualified as a speaker and I haven’t trained with all the best speaking Jedi in the world.

So…hire me. Haha

Okay. It’s true.

I am a freestyling master that can have a whole room captivated, intrigued and willing to go deep into life-changing (mind-blowing) discussions, exercises and self-realisations. The most resistant of people have opened their arms during my talks. Hugged people. Cracked smiles and even cried uncontrollably. I can relate to people in an extraordinary way, where they feel safe with me guiding them into unknown territory. Those places where change can begin. Out of the comfort zones that keep our people living in fear, and playing small. I love to bring people with me into the exploration and adventure of the unknown, where trust lives, spontaneity resides and excitement bursts.

Bodhi has spent the last 9 years speaking and teaching. From surf guiding in the Mentawai Islands (Indonesia) in 2010, to speaking at Wanderlust Festival on Coffee & Meditation, to now spending most of his time on stages in schools speaking about the power of Mindful Breathing.

He doesn’t believe in mental health conditions. And has helped over 100k people move through anxiety, stress and suicidal thoughts. Bodhi believes we are far more powerful than we think, and it’s all about tapping into that power. Knowing it, intimately. Bodhi brings a ton of enthusiasm, realness and flare to every stage he walks. Focusing on leaving the audience with a newfound perspective and practical ways to improve their own lives.

Talk Topics

Breathing: Your untapped super power.

Where mindfulness meets usefulness. Practical breathing techniques to move through stress related symptoms and discover the inbuilt super power, used daily by elite athletes, professional speakers, performers, meditators and high level leaders.

You do not have anxiety.

An experiential talk on anxiety and our natural born ability to move through it. How the medical system dis-empowers us through the diagnosis of anxiety and how to take back your power.

Breaking the technology addiction

Break the technology addiction for your own well-being and your children’s. How about doing it for your relationship? What else is it affecting? This is a practical talk on WHY we must create healthy boundaries with technology and also how to begin shifting your relationship with your phone.

Don’t let stress kill you too.

Learn practical ways to de-stress and how to use stress as a guide to radical personal growth.

Bodhi has presented at:


Woodford Folk Festival
Wanderlust Festival
Bloom Wellness Festival
Brisbane Yoga Festival
Sunshine Coast Yoga Festival
Evolve Yoga Festival Byron Bay


Flamingo AI
GoGuardian (US)
Sunshine Coast Council
University of Sunshine Coast


180+ Private and Public schools across Australia & NZ.

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Qualified Yoga Teacher
Certified Psychosomatic Therapist
Level 1 Rites Of Passage Facilitator
Certificate Sports Psychology
Reiki Practitioner


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