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“We have seen reductions in anxiety, and I have not seen a lot of behavioral issues after lunch and it’s actually flowing on throughout the day”.

Heather Laud
Guidance Officer, Sandy Strait State School, QLD, Australia

“We had the pleasure of Kat and Bodhi teaching our entire student body and staff their simple breathing techniques during 2018. These techniques created the stimulus and knowledge for a discussion which has ultimately made significant differences at Sandy Strait, including taking a deep breath altogether to begin all our assemblies, and more crucially, a 20-minute built in daily session in our timetable tagged “mindful moments” when teachers guide practices to assist students in reflecting, calming and breathing. Kat and Bodhi have provided plenty of follow-up services. Schools have an obligation to prioritise this for their staff and students and we were able to align their mindfulness techniques within DET’s “Wellbeing Framework”. Thank you Kat and Bodhi”.

Mark Hansen
Deputy Principal, Sandy Strait State School, QLD, Australia.

“Dear Bodhi,
Sorry I missed your call the other day. The days are a little hectic.

I just wanted to let you know that the project is well established now; your recording is part of our Pastoral Group session delivered through PA system – that is 15 minutes long. The breathing part is right at the end of it – for 3 minutes – just before the students transition to another class. So, I am listening everyday to yours and Kat’s beautiful voice.

It is going very well- students are engaged, even staff in the admin – receptionist, and accountants stop for that time and breathe.

I hope you are travelling well, and enjoying your baby period.
Thank you Bodhi.

Jana Aksamitova
Guidance Counsellor, St Mary’s Catholic College, QLD, Australia.

“I use Mindful Breathing, lights dimmed and sometimes soft music in the background. I talk softly to the students about seeing a beautiful sunny beach, feeling the warm sand beneath their toes, hearing the gentle lapping of the waves, etc. This is done particularly after lunch breaks to calm.”

Melanie Ohl
Teacher, Glenmore State School, QLD, Australia.

“Dear Kat and Bodhi,
Thank you so much, the video looks great.
You have done an amazing job spreading the power of the breath.
We are all enjoying learning how to be calmer, happier and compassionate human beings.
Every day is a chance to learn and master our breath just a little more. Thank you!
Take care, much love and will keep in touch.

Virginia Pavlovich
Principal, Main Arm Upper Public School, NSW, Australia.

“Hi guys! Thank you again for today and the wonderful session this afternoon. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I actually look forward to using the technique before hitting the hay tonight. It was great! I was speaking to staff and students today and so many said they tried it before bed and all of them said the same thing - they have never fallen asleep so quickly before! Thanks again and safe travels.”

Teacher, Rutherford Technology High School, NSW, Australia.

"I used the technique after lunch with my class during a smiling mind program we are doing. Smiling Mind doesn't actually teach them how to breathe properly so I used what we learned today, so thank you".

Teacher, Rutherford Technology High School, NSW, Australia.

"Why isn't this part of the curriculum yet, for every teacher?"

Gina Kennings
Deputy Principal, Opoutere School, Coromandel, New Zealand.

“I feel like now my mind is blank”.

Year 6 Student
Caringbah Public School, NSW, Australia.

"I feel like all my emotions just got washed away and now I am calmer".

Grade 2 Student
Redhead Public School, NSW, Australia.

“I love what you guys are doing. You came to my school a while back and ever since I’ve been using your technique every day. When I’m waking up and getting ready for the day it helps”.

Year 6 Student, Australia.

“Hi Bodhi and Kat, u recently visited Innisfail State College for the just breath project. I shared with year sevens what's hard for me and that school is my safety net and u guys made my day because home isn't good. After ur awesome rap and breathing trick so came and say thank you to u two I don't think I came off very believing haha so is just like to say thanks so much. I've been through self harm for quite a while but I've recently stopped and people judge them and it's so hard to cope with people and bullies when school is meant to be a nice place because some people's stuff homes aren't good enough❣️Thank you guys so much for teaching ISC how to calm down and think I luv u's so much thank💕💕”

Year 11 Student, Innisfail State College, QLD, Australia.

“Hello Kat and Bodhi. I really really enjoyed the two sessions of the breathe project that I attended today. I will definitely be using this method a lot. In fact this afternoon I had a job interview. I'm usually super anxious before events like this but I used this method before and after the interview and I believe it improved my confidence substantially. Thank you so so much for bringing this to our school today and I look forward to seeing the impact you can make on the rest of the world.”

Year 12 Student, Cairns State High School, QLD, Australia.

“Hey, you guys may or may not remember me but I was in the second row of your presentation this afternoon (with the pink hair) and I just wanted to say thank-you. I've got a lot of stuff going on in my life this year - as well as being in year twelve, I've got a job, a split family with one half very pressuring and the other pretty relaxed, friends whose problems I take on myself, and I'm bisexual. With the recent shooting in America, my emotions have been all over the place and I've had to hide how upset I've been from my dad. I've also had practice exams, SACs and folios due in that I've had to rush to complete.
I can't sleep at night. Ever. I get maybe 3 hours if I'm lucky.
Your session today gave me a sense of calm I haven't felt for several weeks now, and it put at rest the heaviness that's been weighing on me since the weekend.
Even though it was only a temporary respite, it's nice for me to know that I have this trick I can use at any time to just breathe and relax a little.

So, again, thank-you so much.”

Gabby Nicholls
Year 12 Student, Australia.

“Thank-you so much for this! Since learning the technique I have used it to get to sleep at night and it really works! I also taught it to my little brother to help him calm down when he gets angry, and he told me that it helps him a lot. You have helped us so much, thank-you so so much for sharing this amazing technique ”

Student, Australia.

“Hey, you guys came to Kensington community high school Monday the 20th June. I just wanted to say thank you so much for teaching us this, this has helped me since Monday because I\'ve been going through depression and other stuff, but the breathing technique has helped me not self harm,crawl in a ball and cry and actually not stay awake all night as well. I wish i knew about this sooner thank you so much Kat & Bodhi”

Year 10 Student, Kensington Community High School, VIC, Australia.




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