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Breathe School Story

We never know where to begin this story. Did the story begin when founders Kat & Bodhi first saw each other at Dan Brule’s (their fave author’s) mind-body mastery training? Or when Kat attended Bodhi’s Art of Breath workshop and he noticed her ‘Breathe’ tattoo on her foot? Really, it all started when founders Kat & Bodhi were on opposite sides of the world and both had a vision.

Bodhi had been sitting in meditation (Vipassana) battling his mind for 5 days straight, 10 hours each day when he received a clear vision of both of them standing on stage in front of 500 teenagers and teachers standing around the outside with a sign behind them reading ‘Breathe Project’ in big blue lettering – the tag line said “for the community, from the community”. He was then shown how it was going to work, who was going to come on board and why it was Kat and he doing it together. After the 10 days meditation, Bodhi had the clearest feeling in his heart and mind about Breathe Project and nervously called Kat to tell her about the vision. Kat had been trekking in the Himalayan Mountains of India and what she said once she heard his vision still blows him away today “Oh that’s funny, I wrote something similar to that just a few days ago”.

After that conversation, Kat & Bodhi brought together the Art of Bodhi’s teaching and the Science of Kat’s health degree, to form Breathe Project and help schools integrate Mindful Breathing as a part of their daily wellbeing. What started as a crowd funding initiative soon had them quitting their day jobs, selling up their belongings, moving out of their home and hitting the road in a campervan, going school to school right across Australia and New Zealand, sharing ‘Just Breathe’ and the simple power of mindful breathing – opening hearts and minds and transforming schools. Since 2015 they have worked in almost 200 schools and helped over 100, 000 people with stress, anxiety and suicide.

They quickly realised this wasn’t just about schools. The message rippled out beyond the education system. Breathe Project was their (first) baby, but as their lives changed and they grew together as a family with daughter Taya, they emerged as Breathe School training others, to continue the mission in their own fields – setting Mindful Breathing free, into the hands and hearts of other practitioners, teachers, social workers, and leaders of wellbeing.

In July 2021, after 6 years of working together as business partners and co-teachers across Australia & New Zealand, they decided it was time to come back to their roots, to their our own whānāu (family) and hand the torch of Breathe School on to a new leader. It wasn’t immediately clear who this would be, but they had faith someone would be there to answer the call. Cue, Breezy.

Breezy, or Breanna, was one of the first Graduates of the Breathe School Mindful Breathing Teacher Training held in New Zealand and someone that Kat & Bodhi wanted to hire for the Breathe Project team 2-years ago. When she first expressed her interest, they felt like ‘she is THE perfect person for this’.

Breanna first met Kat & Bodhi after a vision of her own. After working in corporate for 9 years in Melbourne, whilst completing a degree in Politics & Human Rights and volunteering for International Development organisations she was completely burnt out. She knew it was time for change both inside and out. So she drove north to the Sunshine Coast to complete her yoga teacher training for the pure joy of it and to create a life that was “light, bright & breezy”. She knew only one family when she arrived who provided a safe place to land. Within days Breanna had answered an add online from a couple looking for a roommate and first met Kat & Bodhi in their home one sunny morning for breakfast. Since then, their journeys have ebbed and flowed in many ways to inevitably arrive in the sale of Breathe School from Kat & Bodhi to Breanna in August 2021.  

  • December 3rd, Kat & Bodhi raised $14,400 via crowd-funding to launch, sold 80% of their belongings, moved out of their home into a camper-van and hit the road hopping from school to school.
  • August 2nd, completed the first East Coast Tour with 61 schools from Hervey Bay to Melbourne. Nailing 2 x WIN News stories along the way and being featured in multiple newspapers and magazines.
  • June 27th, Breathe Project gifted $25,000 from an angel investor, after working with 100 schools, to run a high level evaluation.
  • October 3rd, two booked out school tours in Mackay and Cairns dedicated to suicide prevention.
  • November 12th, worked with Aboriginal communities in Western Australia.
  • January 22nd, Breathe Project hires it’s first ‘official’ employee (School Coordinator).
  • March 2nd, launch of the Online School with a Primary School Video Series.
  • March 14th, booked out the first NZ School Tour.
  • June 11th, the exciting news of Kat being pregnant.
  • October 22nd, launched the Online Academy for teachers and leaders.
  • November 16th, Bodhi flew to California (US) to work with Flowstate Collective at GoGuardian who impact 6 million US kids daily with their technology.
  • April 10th, after 4 months off with new daughter, Taya, Kat & Bodhi flew to Christchurch to help bring more peace and calm among the schools, after the Mosque shootings.
  • June 28th, teaching and learning at Bali retreat with Sacred Earth Music.
  • October 30th, Breathe School is launched, with Teacher Trainings, Online Academy.
  • February/March, Bodhi launched into his keynote speaking with two conferences in New Zealand. 
  • March 5th, the first Mindful Breathing Teacher Training at Mana Retreat in the Coromandel of New Zealand, which was a big success. 
  • April 3rd, Kat launched her teenage girl online resource, collaborating with 17 other experts. 
  • July 16th, due to COVID, the first Teacher PD to be held online via Zoom with Galilee School, Canberra, which was still highly effective.
  • November, the first Mindful Breathing Teacher Training held Online. 
  • July, Kat & Bodhi decide to begin their next chapter as a family settled in New Zealand and hand the leadership of Breathe School on to one of their first Graduates, Breanna Mann. 
  • August, official transfer of leadership and ownership of Breathe School completed. 
  • November, Kat, Bodhi and Breanna host the Mindful Breathing Teacher Training Online – Kat & Bodhi’s final training together for Breathe School. 

Breanna Mann

Owner, Lead Presenter & Trainer

Qualified Yoga Teacher, Mindful Breathing Teacher & Meditation Guide. 




Bodhi Whitaker

Founder & Former Presenter

Qualified Yoga Teacher

Psychosomatic Therapist

Certificate Sports Psychology

Reiki Practitioner

Katherine Tucker

Founder & Former Presenter

Bachelor of Health Science (Health Promotion)

Qualified Yoga Teacher

AcroYoga Teacher

A Thank You Letter from Founders,

Bodhi Ashah Whitaker & Katherine Tucker.

As we journey forward into new territory and approach the next stage of expansion, we would like to take a moment to honour all of the people that are with us already, walking beside us. We feel a deep appreciation for those who funded us to even begin (through crowd-funding), as without you we may have never been in one school. We want to thank all of the families that have welcomed us into their homes, cooked us a meal and got us into their school. We would like to embrace all of the kids, teenagers and teachers who have welcomed us into their school, right from the beginning. To all of the news reporters, magazine editors and podcast hosts, thank you and ‘shakas’. Lastly, all of those who have mentioned Breathe Project/School or Kat & Bodhi to their friends offline or online, shared our videos, posts, helping spread our message and work further. We honour you as we take the next leap and fly with trust. 

Become a Mindful Breathing Teacher and help the next generation THRIVE.




“Hello Kat and Bodhi. I really really enjoyed the two sessions of the Breathe Project that I attended today. I will definitely be using this method a lot. In fact, this afternoon I had a job interview. I'm usually super anxious before events like this but I used this method before and after the interview and I believe it improved my confidence substantially. Thank you so so much for bringing this to our school today and I look forward to seeing the impact you can make on the rest of the world.”

Year 12 Student, Cairns State High School, QLD, Australia

“I just wanted to let you know that the project is well established now; your recording is part of our Pastoral Group session delivered through PA system – that is 15 minutes long. The breathing part is right at the end of it – for 3 minutes – just before the students transition to another class. So, I am listening everyday to yours and Kat’s beautiful voice. It is going very well – students are engaged, even staff in the admin – receptionist, and accountants stop for that time and breathe. I hope you are travelling well, and enjoying your baby period. Thank you Bodhi. Kindest”

Jana Aksamitova
Guidance Counsellor, St Mary’s Catholic College, QLD, Australia

"I feel like all my emotions just got washed away and now I am calmer"

Grade 2 Student
Redhead Public School, NSW, Australia

"I was lucky enough to be one of the First Group to experience Bodhi and Kats mindful breathing training . It was a really profound, connecting and inspiring experience for me set in the most stunning location at Mana retreat in NZ. Bodhi and Kat offered a beautiful balance between practical learning, spare time to relax and unwind and fun activities, not only did I learn about breathwork I also got to recharge and grow in myself as a person! As an authentic and empowered leader, to be me! Thank you so much for facilitating such a deep and sacred space."

Jonny Mew
Musician, Change Maker and Holographic Kinetics Practitioner

"During the Mindful Breathing Teacher training I reconnected to a deep part of myself, my truest self I would say and I hadn’t realised how in need of that time and space to reconnect I was. Kat & Bodhi are phenomenal at creating and holding the space required to dive deep into your personal truth and power. They also impart the content in such an accessible way sharing stories from their experiences and are both real about the different challenges they both personally face in stepping up to teach. I highly recommend attending this training if you are called to live and guide people into a new way of being in the world."

Breanna Mann
Yoga & Meditation Guide

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