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Mindful Breathing Teacher Training

Certification of Mindful Breathing

by Breathe School

4-Day/3-Night Trainings in Australia & New Zealand

The Mindful Breathing Teacher Training is about BEING THE CHANGE.

Living it and learning the art of Mindful integration, communication and leadership. It is about transforming and creating the new way, for yourself (first and foremost), and then for your children, clients, and colleagues.

If you know in your heart that Meditation and Mindfulness needs to be a part of every school/organisation, then this Mindful Breathing Teacher Training is for you.

This is right for you, if you want to help young people with Mindful Breathing, as a:

  • Teacher
  • Learning support
  • Guidance officer or school counselor
  • Health professional
  • Yoga teacher
  • Leader

This is not right for you if you’re just looking for a Breathe Project licensing or franchising opportunity.

What Is Included:

  • All Training Modules & MB Training Manual
  • All Classes + Ceremonies
  • All Accomodation (3-nights) and all Meals
  • Annual Membership for Resource Portal
  • Breathe Tee or Singlet
  • Certificate

Upon Completion You Will:

  • Be certified to teach Mindful Breathing within your classroom, counseling room or wellbeing program.
  • Have a deep embodied understanding of Mindful Breathing, and Mindful Leadership.
  • Feel confident and well equipped to teach Mindful Breathing to your students/clients/staff.
  • Have a new way of operating as a leader, role model, guide, teacher, learner.
  • Feel inspired to BE THE CHANGE.
  • Know exactly how and when you will integrate The Breathe Break (personally and professionally).
  • Have a clear action plan for the real training (that comes when you get home).
  • Have a more intimate relationship with your breath.
  • Skip away more connected, peaceful AND alive.


3-Day Training Tuition = AU$990
Accommodation & meals package between $350 and $450*.
*This varies for each specific training dependent on location.

6 Modules We Will Cover:


Day 1 (self)

Day one is all about you and your self. It’s based upon our carefully crafted A B C structure, which has been refined over 500+ teachings.

Day 2 (students)

Day two is all about your students. Who ever it is that is learning from you, either your classroom primary or secondary school students or your clients or your colleagues.

Day 3 (leading)

Day three is all about bringing YOU out, to shine in your teaching.

2020 Dates

5th - 8th March 2020 | Coromandel, New Zealand

Applications Open

Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia

Applications Open

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

Barack Obama


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