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Certification of

Mindful Breathing

by Breathe School

4-Day Trainings in Australia, New Zealand & Online

The Mindful Breathing Teacher Training is about BEING THE CHANGE.

Living and learning the art and science of Mindful Breathing & Mindful Leadership.

It is a 4-day training which serves as a solid foundation for you to introduce and implement the power of breath with your students, children, clients, and colleagues.

If you know in your heart that meditation, mindfulness, and breath need to be taught and a part of every school, organisation and health service then this is for YOU. Welcome.

This is right for you, if you want to guide and connect people to their breath as a:

  • Teacher
  • Learning Support Worker or Teacher Aide 
  • Guidance Officer or School Counselor
  • Counsellor or Psychologist
  • Social Worker or Youth Worker 
  • Health professional
  • Yoga teacher
  • Leader

This is not right for you if you’re looking for a Breathe School licensing or franchising opportunity.

Upon Completion You Will:

  • Be certified to teach Mindful Breathing within your classroom, clientroom, program and offerings.
  • Have a deep embodied understanding of Mindful Breathing and Mindful Leadership.
  • Feel confident and well equipped to teach Mindful Breathing to your students/clients/staff.
  • Have a new way of operating as a leader, role model, guide, teacher, learner.
  • Feel inspired to BE THE CHANGE.
  • Know exactly how and when you will integrate Mindful Breathing (personally and professionally).
  • Have a clear action plan for the real training (that comes when you get home).
  • Have a more intimate relationship with your breath.
  • Walk away more connected, peaceful AND alive.
  • Have a network of like minded people to gain support and inspiration from. 

What Is Included:

  • All Training Modules 
  • Mindful Breathing Teacher Training Manual
  • All Classes + Ceremonies
  • All Accommodation and all Meals (for in-person training) 
  • Certificate of Mindful Breathing from Breathe School
  • Training delivered by qualified instructors 
  • Integration follow up beyond training 

Pricing – Ora Retreat, Queenstown NZ

Tuition – AU$1110
Accommodation & Meals all inclusive – AU$888
Total – AU$1,998 (inclusive of GST)
Payment Options:
$333 per month for 6 months
$666 per month for 3 months
$888 upfront + $111 for 10 months
$888 upfront + $1110 for one month
$1998 Pay in Full 

Your Facilitators

Breanna Mann & Bodhi Whitaker

Breanna has been guiding people to connect deeply with themselves for the past 5 years. With over 500 hours of training in yoga, meditation, mindfulness and self-enquiry practices, she brings a wealth of wisdom to her teaching.  She is skilled at following the energy of group dynamics. This, along with her kind heart, playful nature and depth of listening, creates a safe and fertile environment for vulnerability, connection, growth, and laughter.  

Bodhi Whitaker is the Co-Founder of Breathe School, and has been teaching the ‘power of breath’ for over a decade. From his first ‘free workshops’ in libraries across the Sunshine Coast, to Wanderlust Festivals, U.S Tech Start-ups, Teacher Trainings and over 200 schools. Bodhi has a knack for engaging audiences, with overflowing passion and enthusiasm for life, and people bringing their gifts to the world. Bodhi is a loving and dedicated father, partner, surfer, musician and warrior of light. Below all of this, Bodhi is a man, who somedays knows how infinite he is, and other days forgets.



6 Modules We Will Cover:


Day 1 (self)

Day one is all about you and your self. It’s based upon our carefully crafted A B C structure, which has been refined over 500+ teachings.

Day 2 (students)

Day two is all about your students. Who ever it is that is learning from you, either your classroom primary or secondary school students or your clients or your colleagues.

Day 3 (leading)

Day three is all about bringing YOU out, to shine in your teaching.

What Our Graduates Have Said

MBTT feels like the beginning of a new chapter in my life. The knowledge Breanna has about breathwork in every sense is phenomenal, not to mention her boundless knowledge in many other holistic and mindful aspects. The whole training was an immersive experience of learning, connecting, laughing, and loving. The content was broken up with us (the students) facilitating groupwork with each other, bringing our own knowledge and experiences to the table, eating delicious lunches, and exploring the beautiful land on which we were living. Every detail was thoroughly thought out by Breanna and she created such a safe, happy, and comfortable environment for everyone. I can't wait for more learning. All my love x

Tash Tosev

If you feel the pull to step into the space of being the change, becoming a lighthouse for others and guiding them into their heart space, then this is the teacher training for you. You will return to your authentic self, learn how to walk the talk and come away feeling confident in guiding others to shine their own lights bright.

Jen Ryan

Primary School Teacher

My experience with attending the breathe school teacher training was super expansive and fun. I've learnt so much about breathwork and facilitating in such a short amount of time. Breanna is an incredible talented and passionate facilitator. She has a wide knowledge about breathwork and mindfulness. This training will help me professionally and within my own practice. I would recommend this training for everyone who is looking to learn more about breathing techniques and how to facilitate and hold space for other people.

Lisanne van den Brule

"I was lucky enough to be one of the First Group to experience Bodhi and Kats mindful breathing training . It was a really profound, connecting and inspiring experience for me set in the most stunning location at Mana retreat in NZ. Bodhi and Kat offered a beautiful balance between practical learning, spare time to relax and unwind and fun activities, not only did I learn about breathwork I also got to recharge and grow in myself as a person! As an authentic and empowered leader, to be me! Thank you so much for facilitating such a deep and Sacred space."

Jonny Mew

Musician, Change Maker and Holographic Kinetics Practitioner.

The 3 part breathing technique was very valuable and have already started applying it to self and clients. I enjoyed sending love to others at the closing ceremony, also some good reflections on how I can change my behaviour as a leader within my family.


I will be forever grateful to Kat, Bodhi and Taya for creating this Mindful Breathing Teacher Training and that I synchronistically found myself here. These two uniquely gifted humans demonstrate in their work and their lives how to live with more passion, joy and health. Creating safe and nurturing space on this Mana Training for us each to dig deep into our own souls to find our own strength and then show up with it is a gift I will cherish forever. Creating this space to meet and work with like minded souls, enjoying deep meaningful conversation, a stunning environment, YUM food has been invaluable also. Heartfelt gratitude from me to you for the breath, nourishment, support, space and learning, touching my heart and soul for 4 days and forever.

Jenny Minogue

Life Coach

2023 Training Dates

12th - 15th October 2023 | Ora Retreat, Aotearoa

Applications Open

Past Trainings

13th - 17th July 2022 | Odiyana Retreat, Victoria

7th, 14th, 21st, 28th November 2021 | Online

8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th November 2020 | Online

5th-8th March 2020 | Mana Retreat, Aotearoa

“Embody what you teach.

And teach only what you have embodied.”

― Dan Millman, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior


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